The Administration Department is the nucleus of the organization.
This is where the execution of decisions favourable and unfavourable are brought to
Fruition. Managing the Palo Seco Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited is no easy
task since the organization has grown from over six thousand members to over twelve
thousand members in less than five years. Management of any organization or
Company requires a strong mental fortitude and competent management skills.

Sometimes to get the wheel turning, change is required and in any organization change
is constant and can prove to be a very difficult task. There is always resistance to
change but after the change has been implemented, like a metamorphosis, the result
is impressive and it is eventually accepted.

Management is always seeking and sourcing new and lucrative ways in which to keep
the organisation financially sound and thus far the Palo Seco Credit Union has been
successful in its endeavours in spite of the state of the nation’s economy.

Palo Seco Credit Union has gone through a series of changes during the past five (5) years
structurally and within its human resource composition. There has been migration of
staff from within the organization and the recruitment of new personnel into the
organization which naturally will have teething problems but ultimately has worked out.

The Manager of the Credit Union, Ms. Marcia Brown heads the Administration
Department, and is assisted in the task by the Administrative Assistant and other
department heads.

Competent handling of staff and proficient administration of the functions of the
organization is imperative. The Palo Seco Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited
has been sailing through mostly smooth waters which will continue due to specialised
skills and expertise which is essential for the success of any organization.