The Loans Department is the fundamental backbone of the organization.
If it is not managed prudently it can also become the weakest link in the chain
of the organization. Without sound administration and effective management
skills it can prove to be detrimental to the Credit Union’s financial position.
It is to ensure that the members are educated about managing their affairs
shrewdly to avoid delinquency. Our Assistant Manager in the Loans
Department, Mrs. Erica Maison Alexander has been in the employ of the Palo
Seco Credit Union for a period of forty years and has proven to be an
effective and beneficial administrator to the department. She has trained
and educated many aspiring loan officers and clerks.
Her experience and skills are invaluable to the organization and her vast
knowledge in the area of loans is unsurpassed.

The Department comprises of two (2) Loan Officers, two Recoveries Officers,
one Arrears Officer and one Securities Officer all of whom are trained in
the skills of customer care and effective lending practices.

The Staff in the Loans Department of the Palo Seco Credit Union
Co-operative Society Limited are well equipped and capable of satisfying
the needs of our members.