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To provide timely,accurate and professional service by taking ownership of each call,managing requests correctly,dispatch efficiently and communicate effectively to ensure complete satisfaction at each member’s contact.


The Arrears department deals with members who are in default of their loans of  Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Days(365) and under. Working with member,it’s our responsibility to get the member out of arrears status as soon as possible.


To efficiently manage our departmental roles thereby providing a service complete with accuracy and transparency using tools of teamwork and open communication in all our responsibilities.


A extent of the Arrears Department the Recoveries Department is responsible for the maintenance of all delinquent accounts and repossession of Credit Union assets.   


The Supervisory Committee is elected by the Credit Union members at its annual genearl meeting. The officers serve on a voluntary basis for a period not exceeding Three(3) years. The committee shall consist of not less than Three(3) but not more than Five(5) members. The members of the committee must meet aleast once a month to carry out its mandate.

  • The committee is put in place to ensure policies and procedures are established and practiced to safegauard member;s interest and rights.
  • Review member accounts, loan application to ensure that transactions are pursued on the arm’s lenght basis.
  • perform periodic internal audits of operational areas to evaluate the books and rfecords of the credit union for accuracy, honesty,and integrity.
  • Reviewing the recording and documentationas it pertains to assets of the co-operative.
  • Review and assess the procedures of the Credit Union for the proper handling and use of funds.


The Credit Committee is elected  by the Credit Union members at its annual general meeting. They serve on a voluntary basis for a period not exceeding Three(3) years. The committee consist of not less than Five(5) but not more than Seven(7).

The Committee meets on every Tuesday and  Thursday and their decisions are all made within the Credit Union’s policy and procedures,established by the Board of Directors.

It is the responsibility of the Credit Committee to carefully review all member loan applications. It involves an assessment inter alia of: 

  •  Purpose of Loan
  • Financial position of each member,guarantor/ co-maker inclusive of their capacity to repay.
  • Member’s financial history
  • All necessary documentation relevant to the loan and collateral related.
  • Interview of members, if necessary.


The committee is a sub-committee of the Board,and is responsible for the educational development of the credit union’s membership.

The committee comprise of three(3) members of the Board of Directors,two(2) members of staff.

They are responsible for:

  • Seminars
  • Scholarship Awards
  • Senior Citizen Days Out
  • Run/Walk Fun Ride