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Mrs. Kathleen Prince-Thompson – Asst. Manager – Operations
856-858 Siparia Erin Road, Los Bajos, Palo Seco
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The Operations Department is the central point or the hub of the organization.
It is where the members connect with the staff to get their needs satisfied.

The operations department is always vibrant with activity, from the first meeting point of the receptionist to the cashiers and the customer service representatives.

In the midst of this energy, our Assistant Manager in the Operations
Department, Mrs. Kathleen Prince Thompson ensures that everything is put
into its proper perspective with effective supervision and work administration.
She makes certain that the members needs are met and that there are no long undue waiting period.

All Operations staff are trained and are aware of how important it is to
provide efficient and good customer service to our members. If at any time
there is failure in the efficiency of the operations department chaos could
occur. Mrs. Thompson has thirty eight years of valuable experience and
has been involved and active in other areas of the organization.

The department comprises of three Tellers, one Receptionist, two Customer
Service Representatives and one Marketing Officer who all combine and
assist each other to ensure that the customers are satisfied at the end of the
transaction process.