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Mrs. Azelle Barclay-Arnold – Assistant Manager – Finance
856-858 Siparia Erin Road, Los Bajos, Palo Seco
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The Finance Department is the focal point of all accounting transactions
within and without the organization. Thorough detailing is needed when
handling the task of an organization which is over twelve thousand
members strong. With the capable management and supervision of the Board of Directors, the finance department has a sound foundation upon which to accomplish its duties.
Members are assured that their finances are being competently managed and analytically invested.

The Assistant Manager of the Finance Department, Mrs. Azelle Barclay-
Arnold is one of our newest employees who is qualified to perform the
functions that are needed in this department. Under her supervision are
three Accounts Clerk, one payroll officer, one cheque writer, and three
General Clerks. These employees are trained to know the importance of
deadlines and how critical time factor is in relations to investments,
payment of bills and payroll administration

The Finance Department has the largest number of staff due to the volume
of work and the intricacy and complexity that is involved in accounting.
Members of staff in the department knows the importance of team work
needed for the execution of their duties.