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The Premiere Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited in Trinidad and Tobago.

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Whether you are an existing or new member, there are several benefits offered at Palo Seco Credit Union.

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Applying for a loan

Palo Seco Credit Union has proven to have a strong financial foundation over the years. We offer several loan options to our members. 

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Apart from Financial Growth and increased membership, we have several achievements that would make you proud.

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Our Story

PALO SECO CREDIT UNION  established after  World War II  as a Thrift and  Study Club to facilitate Oilfield workers in the Los Bajos area. PALSECCU from the beginning  surfaced  as a force within the                    Co-operative movement for it’s courage, vision and committed founding members. Over the years  PALSECCU expanded  into a Community Credit Union registered on January 30th,1948 dominating the Credit Union Society and maturing into one of the leading Credit Unions in Trinidad and Tobago . PALSECCU is located within the Oilfields of South Trinidad catering to the citizens of T&T.  

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  • Two (2) forms of local  identification – National ID, Passport or Drivers Permit
  • Proof of address – Utility Bill, Bank Statements.  For tenants , a letter of authorization is required  from the property owner.
  • Polymer Birth Certificate
  • A minimum of TT$10.00

All applicants must be recommended by a member of the Palo Seco Credit Union.



The following conditions apply:

  • All applicants are required to be a member of the Credit Union family no less than 1 year. 
  • Down payment of 20% unpledged shares are required for first  mortgage loans.
  • Down payment of 30% unpledged shares are required for second mortgages